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Update & Potty Training

Sorry about the delay in posting. I needed to pray and decide on the direction of this blog. I wasn’t sure if I wanted daily little things or just focus on the ideas. I prayed, thought about it and decided just to post about my life. So here we go:

It’s been a while so here are a couple of updates:

  1. Hubby’s eye thing has gone away without any treatment or further testing. I will pray it stays away.
  2. Kate’s eye surgery is now on the 19th of April. I was told it would be March 15th. I was told they would get clearances and check with the insurance company. They did NOT tell me it had to be moved because there was a backlog of patients needing procedures. They did not even mention it may not be that day. They were NOT planning on calling me to tell me. If I had not called to see if there was going to be a procedure that day (I called because I need to make babysitting arrangements for my boy) I wouldn’t have heard from them till who knows when. I was afraid they would call the night before and I would be scrambling for a babysitter. They DO call me back that same day to see if it would be alright if her follow up appointment is with another doctor since hers in on vacation that week. That IS worth a phone call 6 weeks ahead of time. I do get to see the doc the place is named after. Maybe he is just booked that far ahead? Anyway. It is not a big procedure but it does require her to go under general anesthesia. Which I don’t like. Not. One. Bit. They probably won’t let me watch or be their either….errrr. I will definately be praying in the waiting room.

No on to the post for the day:

My precious baby girl who is over 2 wanted pull ups. I have this philosophy on potty training: no kid ever goes to college not potty trained. I don’t rush it and let them decide. I encourage them to go but don’t force it. I tried to do the whole traditional potty training thing when my boy was 18 mos. old. Way too messy, too time consuming, and too much laundry. I am just not that committed to it. Once my boy decided that he wanted underwear, he never looked back and I rarely had extra laundry to do.

So now my Kate wants to be a big girl and go potty like everyone else. She is my last child and so all these new things begin the closing of the babyhood years and moving on to the next chapter in our lives. I know it will be fun and exciting, but I am a little sad to be closing these doors permanently. Being a good momma, I go and buy her some pull ups. She is pleased as punch and enjoys going potty. She only put something in the potty once this whole week but does enjoy the practice.

Last night as we are sitting in the living room, Kate says she has to go potty so I let her go into the bathroom herself. I have this thought wander through my head “You really shouldn’t let a 2 year old go to the bathroom by herself”. What are the odds she is going to do anything? 98 percent of the time she does nothing. A minute or 2 later I hear whining coming from the bathroom. I go investigate and find a puddle on the floor right in front of the kid potty. I figure she didn’t make it in time. I am pretty happy she at least realized she had to go and was in the right room. I then look in the potty and see a little pee. Then it dawns on me: Kate made it to the potty. She didn’t spread her legs when she sat down, hence the mess. I have been spreading her legs when she sits down but apparently not telling her to. Well now she knows. Lesson learned. Thankfully she is a little thing and didn’t make much of a mess. I also learned that when odd thoughts like “You really shouldn’t let a 2 year old go to the bathroom by herself” wander through your head, maybe the Holy Spirit put them there to save you a mess. I did make a big deal that she went potty but if I had avoided the mess clean up part, the whole event would have been happier for me. Note to self: listen to those little voices in your head: It may be God trying to help you out.