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Earlier today my son Alex, age 4, asks to go to McDonalds for lunch. I say, in typical mom fashion, “We’ll see.” I have this thing for sweet tea so I was kinda looking forward to lunch there. Then there was screaming and crying because I turned off the TV. Later, there was more crying and refusal to go upstairs and get his clothes. I remind him about his wish to go to McDonalds. I then ask him again to go get his clothes which he begrudgingly does. As he is getting dressed he asks me, “Momma, can we go to McDonalds please?” (note the manners there). I say, “You have to earn it.” He immediately screams, “But I don’t want to earn it!” As he is screaming this I can’t help but think, “Thank you Lord that I don’t have to earn Your grace.” I would never be able to behave well enough to earn it. Thankfully it is freely given without price. Maybe I will grace my boy to lunch. Lord knows he didn’t earn it.