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I am earnestly trying to do what God wants me to do. I want to go about the Lord’s work every day. Last week, I agreed to go visit a sister in Christ that I only know online. She seemed down and I felt this pull to go see her. I can only go on Fridays since my boy is in preschool the other days. She usually works different hours because of her job. It just so happened that she was on vacation this week so we could meet up on Friday. God’s timing. When my dear friend heard that I was driving 2 hours to go give someone a hug, she graciously offered to watch my 2 kids so we could converse without being interrupted. So I got a 2 hour car ride by myself! To a mom with 2 young children, time alone is wonderful and rare. So I played my music loud and sang along and had time to pray for all my friends without interruption. It was very nice. Till I got a little lost. That was not so nice.

½ hour later than I wanted to, I arrived. We chatted, had lunch, did a little shopping. I made a new friend. We have some things in common (Dollar Store love, spend too much time on the computer, tuna fish must be cold). Even though she is not so into chocolate, we got along well. She is going through a very tough time. She shared some pretty serious stuff. Serious stuff. It caught me off guard and got me thinking. Maybe the work God has for me is serious stuff. Not just some let’s try make someone feel better or let’s play around with the notion of doing His work daily. Maybe it is save someone’s life serious. One person at a time. Just by taking time and showing love. His love.