January Funnies

• The other day, Alex finds this noisy toy that I had removed the batteries from & hidden. I off handedly comment “If I am crazy, I will put batteries in that for you”. Today I am in the middle of cleaning up some toys. Alex comes up to me and asks in a completely harmless voice “Momma, are you crazy?” I look at him and he is holding the noisy toy and was checking to see if I was crazy so I could put the batteries in. Too funny! Yes I eventually went crazy and put batteries in it 😉 AND tape over the speaker so it isn’t so loud.

• Alex :” I want Katie (his 2 year old sister) to go to heaven.”
Me: something to the effect “we don’t say that about people.”
Alex: ” She could jump on the clouds to get there and see Jesus. But she is going to need a very tall ladder first.”
Toooo cute!! This is after his prayer that he wanted Gramsy to be all healed & come back from heaven & me explaining that heaven is too wonderful to ever leave. That boy is precious!

•Today Alex, my 4 year old, is showing me his artwork that he made in preschool. He hands me this cute little cut out teddy bear with paper glued on it that he obviously cut out himself. There is one lonely pom pom on it and one googly eye. I turn it over to find another googly eye on the back. I assume it fell off in his school bag and reglued itself to the back. I ask him “Why is there an eye on the back?” He says “That one shoots lava. The other one shoots water.”. Too funny! This cute little bear is deadly 🙂

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