I sit here at my computer desk feeling cold. I can feel on my legs where my socks end and its cold! The thermostat is at its evening temp of 65. Winter has finally shown up. It is very windy here and in the 20’s outside and heading down into the teens tonight. Last night I had the opportunity to go downtown and serve the homeless. It was in the 30’s with no wind. There was some misty snowy stuff going on all evening. I was dressed warmly with long johns, snow boots, heavy coat, hat, gloves…the works. After 3 hours outside, I was chilled to the bone. I now know which foot has poorer circulation (my right… those toes got cold!) It took over an hour inside my warm house to get the chill out of me. I felt for the people I met that night that wouldn’t have that opportunity. Tonight I feel really bad for them because it is bitterly cold out there. I want to help them but I can’t. So tonight every time I think “I’m cold”, I will thank God for my “cold” house and pray that He helps the homeless stay warm tonight.  It’s a little something I can do.

It’s the little things

After helping last night, I had this realization. I want to make a point to do God’s work daily in my life. Part of me thinks that this will require some sort of drastic life change or sacrifice. Doing God’s work is important and must require big, sacrificial steps, right? WRONG

Last night I got to do God’s work. I was able to help show God’s love. I handed out food, drink, blankets & clothing to the homeless. It wasn’t scary. It wasn’t complicated. I showed people that they are thought of and worthy of respect, conversation, and being taken care of. What did it take on my part?

Staying up a little late.

Talking to people.

Sharing my time.

Losing a little sleep.

Overall…not much.


I realized it ain’t that complicated doing God’s work.

Show some love.

Talk to the people God puts in your path.

Help them out when you can.

Pray for them.

Pay attention to those around you.

Go give it a try.


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